About LANA

Extreme new to the scene, the designer – born in Sarawak and raised in Kuala
Lumpur – finds inspiration in everything from the beautiful prints of Borneo native to the modern, fast growing city life. Her signature style is modern with a twist. She believes and hold strong to her motto, “Back to the Roots!”.


Back in 2008, after she finishes her study in Fashion Design at IFTC, she started doing made to measure pieces for her clients. Fast forward to 2013, the brand LANA has positioned itself to Ready to Wear collection. Her first independent show, presented on 26th June 2013, consisted of structured designs that was inspired by the city life. The collection was called City Chic.


“LANA is a brand that represents culture and is for creative modern women everywhere. Every product of LANA incorporates our unique vision, style and attitude. We’re not just a brand, we’re a culture.”


Website : www.lanakl.com


Instagram : @lana_kl